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Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo – the Medieval capital of Bulgaria leaves in each visitor a deep impression with its unique beauty. The city is situated in North-east Bulgaria and outstands on almost equal distances from the largest cities in the country - 241 km. from Sofia, 228 km. from Varna, 192 km. from Burgas. Situated on the historical hills Tsarevetz, Trapezitza and Sveta Gora along which Yantra river has formed picturesque meanders, the town has unforgettable and unique architecture, ancient fortresses, castles and churches, numerous cultural monuments which keep the fame and the history of the ancient capital.

Veliko Tarnovo is the Balkan capital of the Cultural tourism and sustainable European city – open to the future and the innovations and at the same time preserving its individuality and history.

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Dragijevo village

According to archeological data Dragijevo village was founded in prehistoric times during the neolith as a Slavic settlement when the Slavs came to the Balkan peninsular. The village is situated in Veliko Tarnovo region, Lyaskovets municipality and is 4 km. South-east from Lyaskovets town and 11 km. South-east from Veliko Tarnovo, on the road to Elena, between Stara planina mountains and the Danube valley and 200 m. above sea-level. Typical for the village are the vine-growing, fruit-growing, wheat-growing and farming.

The climate has the characteristic features of the North-Bulgaria climate – moderate-continental with cold winter and hot summer but severe and long-lasting cold weather is a rarity. The average temperature is between 10,5-11,5 degrees centigrade.

The place offers stunning panoramic views of the beautiful Bulgarian nature. Near to the village there are interesting visiting sites, eco-paths, mountain monasteries, museums, historical and cultural sightseeing :

  • Architectural reserve “Tzarevets” and Audio-visual spectacle “Sound and light” - a unique attraction for Europe.
  • The complex „Samovodska charshia” – the street of the crafts.
  • The Church „St. Forty martyrs”.
  • Archeological complex „Nicopolis ad Istrum”- the ancient Roman town situated 20 км. North from Veliko Tarnovo.
  • Architectural and museum reserve Arbanassi.
  • Monasteries – “St. Trinity” monastery, “Transfiguration” monastery, “St. Peter and Paul” monastery, Kapinovo monastery, Dryanovo monastery, Kilifarevo monastery.
  • Eco-paths – Arbanassi - park “Lakoto”, Emen village canyon.