Care after elderly people

A unique approach to the care of our elderly parents

Home for elderly people "Stara Planina" is designed to ensure the quality of life of it’s residents, according to their needs.

The offered service is care for elderly people in a boarding-house.

The living quarters are in a massive building designed and renovated for the purpose. Living quarters are in three floors with single and double rooms and apartments with south-facing balconies. Each living room has its own bathroom, with dimensions suited to the needs of people with disabilities. On the ground floor is a large dining room, kitchen, etc.

The floors are served by two modern elevators.

The building has a large park with an area of over 15 decares, including forest area, paved walkways and gardens, sports grounds and other open spaces.

Home for elderly people "Stara Planina" offers a variety of services depending on:

  • desired length of stay
  • desired type of accommodation
  • health of the resident and trending on it general or more individual care

According to the length of a stay, home for elderly people "Stara Planina" offers two types of services:

  • short term stay
    • a week stay
    • a month stay
  • long term stay
    • three-month stay (seasonal)
    • term accommodation - over three months

According to the type of housing, accommodation may be:

  • room for two people, accommodated based on a decision of the management of the House
  • private room
  • family room - for use by families in which at least one member is completely healthy and able to care for his/her husband
  • apartment

According to the health status of residents, the Home offers three types of care:

  1. care for elderly people who are independent and adequate - do out alone without any outside help, daily, personal needs - toilet, eating, walking, etc.;
  2. care for elderly people who are mobile, but dependent on foreign aid in their everyday lives for dressing, eating, toileting;
  3. care for adults who are totally dependent on foreign aid, dependents in bed;

Regardless of health status, length of stay and type of accommodation, all residents receive all general services like:

  • Standard furnished living room with private bathroom, hot water and seasonal heating of all occupied rooms. The living room can be further furnished with TV and fridge, by customer request at no extra charge. At the user's request the room can be furnished with personal furniture and interior accessories;
  • Provided are 4 meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner) in a canteen, in one shift. Bedridden eat in the room or on the bed. Provided are diet meals with a doctor's prescription;
  • Medical monitoring and assistance for treatment and rehabilitation if needed;
  • Support for contacts with the GP, and assistance in selecting a new doctor at the request of residents;
  • Assistance for supply of prescription medications and their adoption under the supervision of a medical practitioner;
  • Assistance for medical and dental services - transportation to and from the hospital and other medical and diagnostic facilities;
  • Cable TV and Internet access for public use. On additional fee may be provided internet access in the living compartment;
  • Washing and ironing of personal and bed linen;
  • Tea / living room with a certain status and access time;
  • Self- organizing leisure time - books, magazines, newspapers, board games, knitting, conversations, flowers, etc.;
  • Organizing trips, birthdays, private and public holidays, visits to churches, temples and other spiritual needs, lectures, etc.;
  • Opportunities for personal contact with friends;