Prices of services in the home for elderly people "Stara Planina"

The cost of the provided services depends on:

  • the health and social status of the resident, which defines the need for relaying to him or her the more general or individual care, divided into three groups, as follows
    • First group. Care for adults who are independent and adequate – do out alone, without significant foreign assistance, daily, personal needs, toileting, eating, walking, etc;
    • Second group. Care for adults who are mobile, but dependent on foreign help in their everyday life for dressing, eating, toileting;
    • Third group. Care for adults who are entirely dependent on foreign aid, dependent on bed;
  • the type of room resident wishes to be accommodated in - the type of housing, in which the resident will be accommodated is upon his or her choise
  • length of stay - individual selection

Prices of services for long-term accommodation

  • Accomodation

  • Double bed room
  • Single bed room *
  • First group

    per month
  • 700 BGN
  • 1400 BGN
  • Second group

    per month
  • 750 BGN
  • 1500 BGN
  • Third group

    per month
  • 800 BGN
  • 1600 BGN

* The price for accommodation in a single bed room is subject of additional negotiations, depending on the presence or absence of enough free rooms.

Prices of services for short-term accommodation

The price for the short-term accommodation (for 1 month or less) is between 30 и 40 BGN per day, depending on the state of health of the resident.

Additional terms

Are not included in the price and are paid extra expenses for: telephone, postal services, medicines, sanitary and medical supplies, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation procedures, and anything that can be delivered in the home by management, at the request of the resident.

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