Home for elderly people "Stara Planina"

Documents and the procedure for the entry into the Home for elderly people "Stara Planina".

Persons wishing to use the social service of the home for elderly people "Stara Planina", submit a written request to the Manager of the "RIA 2009" Ltd.

The application shall specify for what period he/she wishes to use the social services of the home and in what kind of accommodation unit he/she wishes to be accommodated. The application shall be accompanied by:

  • A copy of the identity document – for consultation;
  • Personal ambulatory records, if any;
  • A copy of the decision of the TWR, TEMP, NELKO, if any;
  • Medical characteristic/medical history/stage from the GP;
  • Health insurance card;
  • Recipe booklet (if any);

On the basis of the application and the attached documents shall be made a social assessment of needs of the person from the social services, in accordance with rules for the application of the law for social assistance. Social score ends with a conclusion, what kind of favor, requires the candidate.

Each potential user is provided with a draft contract, questionnaire for its own assessment of needs for social services and written information concerning:

  • Description of services provided from home;
  • Supplier's Expertise in the provision of social services and the qualifications of personnel;
  • Terms and conditions for the use of the services;
  • The procedure for submission of complaints;

Placement in the home is made on the basis of the Contract between the provider of social service and social service user and/or his legal representative.

The contract shall specify:

  • Rights and obligations of the parties under the contract;
  • Length of stay (the period of the contract);
  • The type of room for accommodation - private, family or double;
  • The type of service provided and care - taking care of bedridden invalid or looking after an independent and adequate person;
  • The cost of the service rendered, duration and manner of payment;
  • The person paying the cost of the contractual service;
  • Other methods of payment of the price of the service;
  • The conditions and manner for termination of the contract;
  • The commitment of the parties to the contract in the event of death;
  • A deposit of 1/one/monthly fee;

For more information and to obtain an application form, questionnaire, draft contract and any other services, please use the page "Contacts" to contact us and we will reply to you and send you the information requested.