Home for elderly people “Stara planina”

Home for old men old women "Stara Planina",old people, nursing home, retirement homes

Nestled in the foothills of the Tarnovo Balkan Range, surrounded by greenery, just 11 km away from the town of Veliko Tarnovo and 241 km from the city of Sofia, is the home for elderly people "Stara Planina". With a whiff of health from the mountains, with good thoughts about care for the others, in the place of a former school at the village of Dragizhevo grew home for our parents. Born with the idea for comfort and relaxation, for attention to and love to our loved ones.

Rural school, which store years of traditions and enlighten students in the Bulgarian's core values of respect and care for parents, nowadays is a place where our mothers and fathers can feel fortunate to have their children.

Love and care are part of the things that are not inherited by law. They are not subject to and will not constitute a share. They have no cost and are not profitable. Them we carry in our minds and hearts. They are the thing that prevent us from sleep today if Mom or Dad did not respond to our phone call. They evoke tears in our eyes if our parents are sick. If there is no one to chop wood for them, if there is nobody to buy them bread, soup to cook them, if the doctor is far away, and we twice as far.

Few are the private nursing homes in the country. And we continue to shy away from the word private. Lunatic expensive and inaccessible still believe are the private hospitals, clinics, homes, schools and universities. Taken for granted only the private store where you shop, the taxi, the master that fixes this and that , the boss in favor of a private company we are working in. Useful are our private property and our business. And scurrying between our quest to make money and faith in the social commitments of the state we sleep through the simple truth that in the whole civilized world seniors are living in tidy private nursing homes. An in them roofs do not leak, the temperature is not 10 degrees, the meal is not just bone with rice, physician is not present just once in a week and the staff does not scream because he hates his job and low salary. In these places our parents feel at home. There is warm and cozy. There is a doctor available. There the food is delicious and reasonable, and the attention and smiles of the staff are not features that impresses. At our nursing home, 800 BGN is the pure cost of all this. Money that we already spend to buy firewood or pay other facilities to our parents, to provide them with someone "to look after", to help them financially, not to starve their miserable pensions. And again we go to bed with a heavy heart. And again our poisoned fear - if they are not ill, do the have something for dinner, didn’t they forget to take their medicine. And it does not give us peace of mind the horror of the scariest thing in the world - to live alone.